• ONBAO 2024-06-21
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Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore (HMGICS)
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  • Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore (HMGICS)
  • Manufacturing/Trading /Business > Car/Auto Parts
  • Singapore  8 Bulim Ave,
  • distance [서울]from 4,676.3km
HMGICS is an open research base that builds an innovative mobility ecosystem and studies and demonstrates the value chain related to mobility, from vehicle orders to production and vehicle delivery, and test drives and various services. In addition, it develops an innovative manufacturing platform incorporating the 4th Industrial Revolution technology and serves as a test bed to verify it.

HMGICS is an innovative manufacturing platform that implements an advanced mobility life where vehicle orders, production, test-drive, and services are continuously continued, and comprehensively builds customer experience facilities, R&D rooms, and small electric vehicle manufacturing facilities in a building with a total floor area of 90,000㎡.

HMGICS' small electric vehicle manufacturing facilities introduce highly automated smart factory technology. It is a multi-order small-scale production system that flexibly responds to market changes and demands based on intelligent manufacturing platforms that combine various cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics. It is characterized by being able to produce various models simultaneously in an assembly environment composed of "cell" units, away from the existing process of assembling the same models collectively along the production line. The introduction video also sheds light on this advantage of the system.