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Center for China & Globalization
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  • 中国与全球化研究中心
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The Center for China & Globalization ( www.ccg.org.cn) was founded by overseas returned Chinese Scholars and Policy Advisory Committee of China Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA) in China. It was established also in strategic partnership with the School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University, Overseas Experts Advisory Committee of China State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, China Talent Research Society, Center on China’s Transnational Relations of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, School of Contemporary Chinese Studies at the University of Nottingham of United Kingdom and East Asia Institute of National University of Singapore.

CCG is a non-profit and independent think tank. It is a pool of first-class scholars, business leaders and public policy experts from both China and abroad, addressing issues of challenges and opportunities on how China is developing in the process of globalization. The CCG conducts analysis and researches on policy options for China’s economic, social, political and international development. CCG invites top experts from both internationally and domestically to participate its research and activities and helps to assess the globalization issues and their implications on China’s rise in the context of international political and economic cooperation with the outside world. CCG also aims to become the high-level international think tank for the country, the society and business community. The CCG seeks to remain independent, objective and constructive in its research.

The prioritized research areas of the CCG include policy consultations, world affairs, global talents issues, sustainable development, Chinese enterprises globalization, Overseas Chinese and Chinese business people. The CCG submits policy papers, publishes books and journals, and holds regular seminars, roundtable discussions, luncheons and forums both inside and outside China and acts as a bridge for China’s global exchanges with outside world.