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Myungjae Old Mansion
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  • 명재고택
  • myeongjaegotaek
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  • Chungcheongnam-do Nonsan-si Noseong-myeon 교촌리 306
  • distance [서울]from 142.4km
Myungjae Old Mansion in Nonsan is considered to be a representative nobleman’s house in Hoseo region (Chungcheongdo). It is a model of a typical private house where the high class lived in the middle period of Chosun Dynasty.

There is a squared pond located on the southern side of the house above wide and flat ground. The pond was built based on the traditional Chosun pond technique which is a typical Bangjiwondo (which means the little circle island in the square pond) water body.

The Anchae (penetralia or the inner house for women) is not easy to be seen at the main gate. Myeongjae Old Mansion was designed based on the family privacy and careful approach of visitors.

The Sarangchae which is the public room for men and it’s located far from the Anchae. This shows that there is an intimate relationship between the Sarangchae and the Anchae, but at the same time this design gives each room the independency. It is an architectural wisdom and beauty that Myeongjae Old Mansion cherishes.

The Kwangchae (a room for storage) is located slantly away from the Anchae in order to protect stored goods against seasonal variations such as the wind, rain and snow. It is truly said that it is refined technique to be used in dwelling space and this architectural wisdom functioned arrangement of the Kwangchae and the Sarangchae along with the Anchae as the center, are found only in Myeongjae Old Mansion.

A garden, green farm, and Jangdokdae (platform for crocks) placed in the back yard are well arranged to satisfy the practicality and the scenery. It is well-known as a good example of the Bibo (which means supplementing the weak points or flaws of a house from the view of Feng Shui theory).