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Mannas Restaurant
  • +1 212-360-4975
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  • Mannas Restaurant
  • Restaurants/Cafes > Fusion/Fast food
  • New York New York 10035 54 E 125th St,
  • distance [서울]from 11,045.5km
Manna's Restaurant.

Betty Park opened her first business in Harlem in 1984. Being a Korean immigrant, it was very challenging as Harlem was not initially welcoming of the Korean influx. Most Korean businesses were almost totally un-involved with the community. She made it a priority to become invloved with the community by hiring employees from the neighborhood. She also became active in community affairs groups, churches, and the Harlem Police Athletic League. Thanks to support from the community by providing great food and great service, there are now 3 Mannas locations in Harlem. Betty always says “Love Harlem, and Harlem will love you back.” With an endless selection of fresh, cooked daily soul food and delicious, healthy salads, everyone leaves happy. Mannas is the original soul food and salad bar in Harlem, ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS.