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Lusail Stadium
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  • استاد لوسيل
  • Lusail Stadium
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  • distance [서울]from 7,096.8km
The stadium's design is inspired by the interplay of light and shadow that characterises the 'fanar' lantern.

Lusail's shape and facade echo the intricate decorative motifs on bowls and other vessels characteristic of the golden age of art and craftsmanship in the Arab and Islamic world.

World Cup matches
Qatar’s biggest tournament venue (80,000 tournament capacity) will host the final, along with matches during every stage of Qatar 2022.

22 November
Group C: Argentina v Saudi Arabia (1300 local time)

24 November
Group G: Brazil v Serbia (2200 local time)

26 November
Group C: Argentina v Mexico (2200 local time)

28 November
Group H: Portugal v Uruguay (2200 local time)

30 November
Group C: Saudi Arabia v Mexico (2200 local time)

2 December
Group G: Cameroon v Brazil (2200 local time)

5 December
Round of 16: 1H v 2G (12200 local time)

9 December
Quarter-final: W49 v W50 (2200 local time)

13 December
Semi-final: W57 v W58 (2200 local time)

18 December
Final (1800 local time)