• ONBAO 2023-01-31
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Al Thumama Stadium
    Local language
  • استاد الثمامة
  • Al Thumama Stadium
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  • Asia Qatar Qatar 
  • distance [서울]from 7,103.9km
The stadium’s design represents the gahfiya – a traditional woven cap worn by men and boys across the Middle East.

The gahfiya forms a fundamental layer of the traditional clothing of the region. It is also a symbol of dignity and independence.

World Cup matches
The stadium is set to host six group-stage matches along with a Round-of-16 match and one quarter-final.

21 November
Group A: Senegal v Netherlands (1900 local time)

23 November
Group E: Spain v Costa Rica (1900 local time)

25 November
Group A: Qatar v Senegal (1600 local time)

27 November
Group F: Belgium v Morocco (1600 local time)

29 November
Group B: Iran v USA (2200 local time)

1 December
Group F: Canada v Morocco (1800 local time)

4 December
Round of 16: 1D v 2C (1800 local time)

10 December
Quarter-final: W55 v W57 (1800 local time)