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Quang Binh Quan
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  • Quang Binh Quan
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  • Vietnam Quang Binh Dong Hoi 
  • distance [서울]from 2,989.1km
Quang Binh Quan is a language gate on the North-South paradise (Ha road) belonging to the Tich Thay system, dating back to Trinh Nguyen's time, in Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province. Luy Thay (King Thieu Tri of the Nguyen Dynasty went through this majestic Luy Thay system because he admired the ancestors' work that had preserved the South and accumulated this name as "Dinh Bac Truong") as the system. The ancient citadel was built by Lord Nguyen in 1631 and is an important defensive line in the conflict of Trinh-Nguyen and Quang Binh Quan is now restored.

Quang Binh Quan (folk called Ha gate) is an ancient architecture. Due to the history and time variability, Quang Binh Quan was badly damaged. In 1961, it was restored and repaired almost completely. By 1965, US bombs were almost completely destroyed. Currently, Quang Binh Quan has been restored to its original form. Visitors to the North to the South, across Quang Binh province will be admired Quang Binh Quan, an architectural monument with historical and artistic value, has gone into poetry.