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Inchon Kim Seong-su's birthplace
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  • Inchon Kim Seong-su's birthplace
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  • Jeollabuk-do Gochang-gun Buan-myeon 봉암리 435
  • distance [서울]from 224.9km
The birthplace of independence leader Kim Seong-su in Gochang, North Jeolla Province

Kim Seong-su (1891-1955), also known by his pen name Inchon, was a prominent Korean independence leader, educator, and journalist.
He played a significant role in the early 20th century, advocating for Korean independence and establishing various educational and cultural institutions.
His birthplace in Buanmyeon, Gochang County, North Jeolla Province, offers a glimpse into his early life and the historical context of his achievements.

The house is a traditional Korean hanok, featuring a thatched roof and wooden structure.
It consists of several buildings, including the main hall (anchae), 사랑채 (sarangchae), and gatehouse (muncheongchae), reflecting the typical layout of a wealthy family's residence during the Joseon Dynasty.
The interior preserves various artifacts related to Kim Seong-su's life, including his personal belongings, books, and photographs.
Visitors can learn about his childhood, education, and involvement in the independence movement through exhibits and guided tours.

The birthplace of Kim Seong-su serves as a valuable historical site that commemorates his contributions to Korea.
It provides an educational opportunity for visitors to understand the hardships and struggles faced by Korean independence activists during the early 20th century.
The site also promotes the importance of patriotism and national identity among the younger generation.