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Chunghwa County
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  • 中和郡
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  • Korea (North) 황해북도 중화군
  • distance [서울]from 177.8km
Chunghwa County is a county of North Hwanghae, formerly one of the four suburban counties of East Pyongyang, North Korea. It sits north of Hwangju-gun, North Hwanghae, east of Kangnam-gun, North Hwanghae, west of Sangwŏn-gun, North Hwanghae, and south of Ryŏkp'o-guyŏk (Ryokpo District), Pyongyang. It became part of Pyongyang in May 1963, when it separated from South P'yŏngan Province. Chunghwa-gun is the location of a few historic sights (both Revolutionary and pre-Japanese occupation), such as the Chunghwa Hyanggyo, as well as a few KPA weapons units.[citation needed] In 2010, it was administratively reassigned from Pyongyang to North Hwanghae; foreign media attributed the change as an attempt to relieve shortages in Pyongyang's food distribution system.