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Old Sanmaki Trail
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  • Old Sanmaki Trail
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  • Chungcheongbuk-do Goesan-gun Chilseong-myeon 산막이옛길 88
  • distance [서울]from 117.4km
The Sanmaki Yetgil (Old Road) is a 4-kilometer long old path connecting Saorang Village (located in Waesa-ri, Chilseong-myeon, Goesan-gun Chungcheongbuk-do Province) to the mountain village Sanmaki.

Restored by retracing the old path, Sanmaki Yetgil is a great walking trail passing by mountains, streams, and forests. Most of the path is paved with wooden deck in the eco-friendly method to minimize damages to the environment and to maintain the natural look. The surrounding beauty is recognized as the best scenic view of Goesan. The natural ecosystem around Goesan Dam has been preserved in its original state.


Tourism Course
* Course 1: 4.4km (approx. 3 hrs)
Norusaem Spring (900m) → Deungjan Peak (1.1km) → Hanbando (Korean Peninsula) Observatory (900m) → Cheonjang Peak (2.2km) → Sanmaki Village

* Course 2: 2.9km (approx. 2 hrs)
Norusaem Spring (900m) → Deungjan Peak (1.1km)→ Hanbando (Korean Peninsula) Observatory (900m) → Azalea Hills

Point Information
26 Sceneries Spots such as Dolmen Rest Area, Pine Grove, Pine Suspension Bridge, Yeonhwadam, Mangsaeru, etc.

Parking Facilities

Parking Fee
Bus 5,000won, Medium-sized vehicle 2,000won (unlimited time)