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  • 춘향골남원추어탕
  • chunhyanggolnamwinchueotang
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  • Ogeum-dong, Songpa-gu Seoul 41550
  • distance [서울]from 14.9km
This place is famous for its crushed loach soup Namwon style that is enjoyed by commoners from the olden days. Your mouth waters as boiling crushed loach soup in an earthen bowl comes up on the table. With chopped hot chili peppers from Cheongyang and Chinese pepper flour, you can enjoy the taste of hot and spicy crushed loach soup.Best CollectionCrushed loach soup 9,000 Fried loach 12,000 Chushed loach table d’hote 20,000chueotang | Korean | Chunhyanggol Namwon chueotang | Parking Available(parking spaces for thirty cars) Hours of Operation 10:00 ~ 22:00 Credit Card Allowed Main Dishes Crushed loach soup Fried loach Chushed loach table d’hote