• ONBAO 2022-06-25
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Goseong unification observatory
  • 033-682-0088
    Local language
  • 고성 통일 전망대
  • goseong tongil jeonmangdae
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  • Goeran-dong, Donghae-si Gangwon-do 명호리
  • distance [서울]from 168.0km
Goseong unification observatory of Korea's northernmost is located at 38 degrees north latitude & 88 km from North Korea. You can enjoy the mysterious scenery of Geumgangsan & the East Sea called wonderful views of Heaven's Blessing.

Unification observatory located at the northernmost, Goseong-Gun, Gangwon Do was established to console pains of division & nostalgia and inscribe unification will in 1983.
It was the first as an observatory to take a view of northern lands.

Goseong Unification observatory is a living experience site for unification & security education seeing division reality directly & inscribing unification desire as well as a sightseeing resort of Heaven's Blessing having one million visitors home and abroad per year.

Goseong Unification observatory is the place you can appreciate 12 thousand peaks of Geumgangsan, Gusunbong of the last peak of Geumgangsan, Haegeumgang called Geumgang of the Sea, Gamho having legend of firewood gatherer & fairy and a wonderful view & a sandy beach including Songdo with white foam like a piece of watercolor painting.

Unification Observatory is the sightseeing resort making visitors exclaim due to its superior view, however it's also the field of division for the displaced people who can't go their hometown of a very short distance to get consolation watching northern lands. Every year many displaced people are visiting Unification Observatory.

There are many famous sightseeing resorts around Unification Observatory. There are a lot of sights & food including World Natural Mineral Museum located at Tongil Security Park, Hwajinpo Beach noted for clean sand & lakes, Hwajinpo Lake of the migratory birds' cradle, Hwajinpo Aquarium and a harbor to feel delicacy of fresh sliced raw of live fish. Also, you can enjoy Geumgangsan Land Tour through pre reservation.