【K】USA Travel-New York[미국 여행-뉴욕]뉴욕 중심의 코리아타운/Koreatown/West 32nd/Manhattan
Korean food suddenly wanted to eat. When traveling overseas, it is a principle to eat only local food whenever possible, but it has collapsed in Arirang. Koreatown, 32nd Street in the heart of Manhattan, is full of Korean restaurants to cater to perfumes. It is now the center of New York, but in the '60s it was a crime zone. I found a restaurant where I could have a simple drink and meal. The entrance to the dining room is an American style bar where you can enjoy simple food and drinks. Inside, it is a restaurant with light meals and liquor. It is the goal of this restaurant to make it easy for anyone to enjoy Korean food. I waited a little free time and met the chef. ""What if we were to force our food into these cultures rather than forcing them to be unfamiliar with our culture?"" ""I would like to put it in a dish so that I can not be afraid of being closest to the food that these people have eaten. ""The effort to combine American cuisine with seasonal ingredients in Korean cuisine and colors in the American restaurant culminates a new challenge in Korean cuisine. Korean Town is becoming an attraction in New York like the Empire State Building.
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