【K】USA Travel-New York[미국 여행-뉴욕]퓨전 쇼핑몰 첼시 마켓/Chelsea Market/High Line/Seafood/Factory/Spice
There is Chelsea Market in the vicinity of the High Line, where the abandoned sweets factory has been turned into a fusion shopping mall. It is a place where there are more tourists than people who came to see the market. Chelsea Market has a lot of shops that are so reputable that even the hard-hitting New Yorkers are tough. Especially, seafood is famous for freshness. Spices all over the world are easily available. I followed a familiar smell and was a natural fermented food store. ""Whether you want a spicy, fermented taste or sour taste, you have everything you want."" ""I like kimchi. It is delicious. ""We sell a variety of fermented foods such as pickles and cabbage kimchi, among which kimchi is the most popular. ""Who taught you how to make?"" ""Many people taught me. Just a couple of good friends. I think it started from the book I read somewhere. Then I told my friend who was from Korea to eat it and said that it is not Kimchi, and he taught me how to make Kimchi more delicious. ""The old equipment of the abandoned factory is reborn as an idea and becomes a specialty of the city.
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